Outpatient Weight-Loss Surgery - 2nd edition

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Outpatient Weight Loss Surgery - 2nd Edition - The expert guide to minimally invasive weight loss and the cure for diabetes

Dr. Kent Sasse's highly anticipated updated book is finally here. This new guide delivers timely insights and sensible options for weight loss success. A complete reference for understanding the latest technology and new weight loss surgery options. This updated and expanded edition explains why the Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass procedure is the cure for Type 2 Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes in 85 percent of cases. This book explains in clear language:

  • The risk involved in having, or not having, weight loss surgery
  • How to achieve a complete remission of your diabetes
  • How to decide if a 50 minute bariatric procedure is right for you
  • A Countown to Surgery- the essential steps you should take to prepare
  • How to determine which procedure is best for you
  • How to maximize the safety of your operation
  • The keys to long term success
  • And more


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